Is It Finally Sweater Weather?!

Although I normally like to thank Mother Nature for all that she offers us, lately, I feel like she’s been testing us. With weather being as unpredictable as Trump’s next move, it’s hard to keep up with what she’ll do next. Mother Nature, why you doin’ this?


The typical fall morning should consist of putting on a cozy sweater and buying yourself a warm pumpkin spice latté. Instead, we’ve been trying to find the thinnest fabric that exists on this planet and have been binging on Iced Capps. I find myself refreshing the weather app way too often to strategize how to battle the morning cold and fight the afternoon heat. It’s a struggle, eh?


I can almost see it! That dream I’m dreaming’ but..

Even after experiencing heat waves in fall, how can we argue whether global warming exists or not? How can the leader of a country claim that it’s fake? You must be thinking: Yay! Finally something “educational”! On a very basic level, it’s caused by greenhouse gases (e.g. carbon dioxide aka what is released by cars) that trap heat on Earth and lead to the overall climate becoming hotter. You Science students are probably cringing at this definition, aren’t you?


Thing is, you don’t need to be a Science student to understand what’s happening here. This is the result of our actions as humans. It’s also not just happening in Canada. You’ve heard so many ways of mitigating the effects whether that be to reduce, recycle, reuse (the 3 R’s!) or to walk instead of drive whenever you can or to plant more trees. Do something that simple or get ready for some 2012 action! Hehe.

weather man

If you think about it, this is Mother Nature’s revenge.  We don’t think twice before we hurt her, so why should she be considerate towards you or me? Instead of treating her like a doormat that we can step all over, let’s treat our only home with respect.

– A


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