7 Ways to Creep It Real This Halloween

There is only one week left ’till Halloween! Get into the spirit by following this week-long Halloween-themed schedule!

Tuesday: Room Resurrection

It’s officially a week before Halloween! I know you’re a procrastinator, but this is the last day to transform your room into a spooktacular haunted house. That should be enough to get you in the mood for what is to come the rest of the week.

haunted house

Wednesday: Pumpkin Carving

In spirit of Wednesday Addams from the Addams Family, you have got to put your hair into two twin braids! Haha, the cringe is real. Reserve your Wednesday for some creative jack-o-lanterns! Skip exorcising exercising for the day and take a trip back to your childhood. Got a funny bone? Make sure you divide the pumpkin’s circumference by its diameter for a delicious treat! Meh, I tried.


No, your artistic abilities don’t need to be at this level

Thursday: Sweets for the Sweet

Since we’re a bit too old to be culturally accepted as trick or treaters, trick or treat yo’ self with your favourite Halloween treats! Fun fact: Reese’s Miniature Peanut Butter Cups are said to be the worst, packing 108 calories into one three-piece serving. They’re so good, though! Bone Bon appetit!

trick or treating

Friday: Movie Night

Friday night is movie night, am I right? Face your fears with a horror movie marathon. I’ll sit this one out, folks, because it literally took me 3 days to watch Hush and it’s not even that scary.


Saturday: ParaNormal Activity

Face your biggest fears by (drumroll, please!) getting your homework done. I know. Scariest thing ever. I feel you, boo. Maybe some wrap music will make it better. Ouch.

scared shitless

Sunday: Costume Designing

Plan your costume! Halloween falls on a Tuesday this year so are you actually going to do anything on a Monday, let alone make a costume? I thought not! Throw together random things in your house to make the most cost-efficient costume because you don’t have any money left since you started school.


Monday: Prankster Monster

No one is ever fully awake on Mondays, so use this to your advantage. Scare the jeepers out of someone with a safe but spooky prank! If you’re too lazy you don’t have time, pull up some urban legends to haunt your friends for life!


Tuesday: Halloween!

Dressing up is for losers (said every boring person ever). It’s finally Halloween day! Pumpkin Spice up your day with a unique and witty costume. Make it scary, make it nerdy, make it up in 10 min, I don’t care. Add some fun to your life! Remember, it’s culturally unacceptable for us to go trick or treating, so make sure you do it. Have a gourd good time!

it gif

This Halloween, step out of your comfort zone and outmaneuver yourself!

– A


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