Fashion Police: Fall Into Fall With These 5 Trends

What’s everyone’s favourite season? Fall! And with fall, comes some fabulous fall fashion! We may not live in Paris, Milan or Seoul, but we can definitely stay up to date on the trends of the season. Here are 5 fashion trends that you can’t miss this season!

  1. Denim

You have to be living under a rock if you haven’t noticed the surge in denim wear nowadays. With Canada’s bipolar weather, it’s often cold but not cold enough for a jacket, which is when the handy-dandy denim jacket comes into use! I can’t be the only one who has been seeing denim on denim on denim, right?

  1. Fun Florals

Maybe we’re trying to compensate for the lack of flowers in fall, but whatever the reason, floral patterns are dominating this season. With stark colour contrasts and vintage vibes, this trend is bound to make you stand out.

  1. Back to Burgundy

If fall was a colour, it would be burgundy. Not only is this fabulous colour back, it’s back as a part of monochromatic outfits! The more burgundy, the better!

  1. Fringe

Are we back in the 1920’s? You thought! Fringe has made a comeback through jackets, dresses, handbags, and so much more! It’s perfect to add some pizzazz to any boring outfit.

  1. Statement Trousers

Definitely my favourite fall trend, statement trousers are here in all shapes and forms! We’ve got embroidered, unhemmed, striped, two-toned, wide-legged and checkered to name just a few!

Fashion is honestly so great because you can tweak it any way you want to match your own style. You can be creative, take risks and have something to look forward to everyday!

Step out of your comfort zone and outmaneuver yourself.

– A





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